Easy DIY Holiday Decor

With the holidays upon us, we love nothing more than to create an inviting and cozy place to call home. Holiday decor gives your home a sense of family, celebration and good spirit. As the holidays call for delicious spreads, travel, gifts and more… holidays are not only a time of the year we look forward to but it can also thin out your wallet.

There are millions of DIY projects out there, but from someone who takes on the challenge quite a bit, it can be just as expensive as buying new merchandise and even more exhausting. I’ve listed a few DIY holiday decor ideas that really only use 3-4 items and all can be bought at your local Micheal’s, Jo-Ann fabrics or even existing items you may already have lying around your home.

Using brass tacks and any candle in any color, create your own pattern!



You can buy these apothecary bottles on Etsy or find at any vintage store very cheap.

The wheat can be purchased from any Michaels, Jo-Ann fabrics or any craft store for that matter.



The pinecones and juniper can be found probably in your own backyard. Can’t find Juniper?

use evergreen from your Christmas tree. It’s a great way to bring in the fresh smell of winter


Top Interior Design Trends

We’re seeing a resurrection of the glamorous & fabulous roaring 1920’s art deco era emphasizing the social, artistic and cultural dynamism.

The Las Vegas Furniture Market Festival and LCDQ panels have forecasted these rousing trends that have already been popping up in design magazine spreads and nationwide designers’ portfolios.



Moody Walls dramatic, deep and bold colored walls allow for your textiles and accents to really pop. Designers are less concerned about space and more focused on the mood of a room. It’s such a dramatic turn from the clean, crisp & airiness we’ve seen in the past decade.




Luxe Details. Tufting, tassels, intricate carving, rhinestones/diamonds and nailheads are just a few design details that give a plain piece of furniture serious GlamBam!  Look for these luxe accents on sofas, chairs, headboards, and tables.




Patterned Wallpaper. Plain and simple… bold busy prints are in. Naked solid walls are a thing of the past. These colorful and expressive prints exude luxury, playfullness and confidence.


I’m baaaaaaaaack! After taking a hiatus for a a few months for a little R&R during my first trimester, I’ve had so much time for my mommy-to-be mind to run creatively wild.  Nurseries have a magical, creative, and a fantasy connotation tied to them  and every kid deserves to have their own wonderland.  With so many options for bedding and decor, I’ve found there is very limited furniture options for your little ones abode.

Safety and regulations are always the most important aspect to any crib you choose but safety doesn’t take away from choosing that cool new hip modern or that darling victorian style crib. You may need to do your research and lots of digging to find that vision in your head, but here a few options I came across that definitely have that trend-setter appeal.

How to style your coffee table

Having that amazing sofa, side chairs and coffee table are your key elements to any living room, but it’s the accessories that make any room shine and stand out from any other ordinary living room.  Believe it or not, dressing up your coffee table is an art form. It’s the focal point of your sitting arrangement and it makes quite a statement. Here are essentials for styling a designer look table that will not only express your style but really make your room  top notch.

-always include some sort of foliage (real or fake)

-incorporate books; medium to large  (preferably ones of your interests)

-use different height items; it’s more appealing to the eye

-include an art piece;  figurine/statue

-form about 3 groupings of decor, don’t line them up evenly or place all decor in the middle



Brick & Moss

With spring upon us, everyone is dusting off their gardening tools and making plans to renovate their outdoor spaces. With all the flower, mulch, shrubbery, lawn ornamnet options, sometimes it can be overwhelming and overboard.

Sometimes a big but subtle change can make all the difference you need to spruce up your yard. Laid brick or stone patios with just the slightest moss laid in the cracks has become the preferred choice for many home owners and not just for it’s romantically rustic look but because it has a lot advantages…

-Moss has no roots, so it grows well in shallow narrow places such as between laid patio bricks

-Because lack of roots, it will not upheave and crack your laid bricks/stone as tree or plants roots would to concrete

-Easy to plant and transplant. You can literally pick it off of a rock/tree and lay it between patio bricks and it will re-attach and grow on its own.

-Easily maintained,  you can run a weed wacker over it to trim and it will not die.

-Grows well in damp shady weather, so if in dry mild climate be sure to water ever so often to prevent from drying out.


For more tips on how to grow moss inlay check out this link…



Estate Sales

Redecorating ? Instead of going in and out of retail stores or sitting behind a computer screen searching endless webpages for accessories, lighting or art… try looking at your local estateestate-sale-sign-3-300x200
sales. I’ve found that spending time outside and weaving in between the upscale and fabulous neighborhoods of your city is a much better way to spend your day shopping. You honestly come across items that you were never intentionally looking for in the first place that just grab you somehow and knowing it has a story in itself  is pretty cool.

estate saleI’ve used the website http://www.estatesales.net/ an endless number of times and is my go to place to locate estate sales near me. I grab my shoulder bag, cash (most don’t take cc) and my drink to go and set off to find treasures that I could never find at a Target.

Previously owned goods may not be your thing, but just the experience in itself is worth a day of discovering.

Happy treasure hunting!


Small bathroom ideas

Lets face it, not all of us have that grandiose 300 s.f. bathroom of our dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one heck of a stylish space that makes you feel refreshed. In fact, sometimes smaller spaces make for a better canvas for great design.  It’s kind of like thinking along the lines of  “if you had to paint a mural on the side of a building or a 12″x24″ canvas”, it’s just a bit easier to pull all your ideas together and make them work in sync.

Here are a few tips along with photos that really make a smaller bathroom/powder room look and feel bigger but also scream style!

create depth to give an appearance of more room, like this colored wall/open shelving
create depth to give an appearance of more room, like this colored wall/open shelving


use open shelved vanity so everything is not so box like and closed up, creates flow space even though it's not walkable space. Also using a smaller framed mirror so mirror doesn't overwhelm your wall.
use open shelved vanity so everything is not so box like and closed up, creates flow space even though it’s not walkable space. Also using a smaller framed mirror so mirror doesn’t overwhelm your wall.


use clever shelving, corner shelves take up less space
use clever shelving, corner shelves take up less space


you can still use fun elements, in fact it helps to break up that long stark white narrow hall feeling
you can still use fun elements, in fact it helps to break up that long stark white narrow hall feeling


sometimes minimal is the best solution
sometimes minimal is the best solution