Synthetic vs. Natural… your life could depend on it!

furni 1We all heard the good ‘ole phrase, “they just don’t make it like they used to”… well in the design world this holds very true. That muted old plaid wool itchy sofa in your great grandmothers living room or that walnut chiseled dining room table that’s been passed down through generations has greater benefits than just standing the test of time ,as we all thought, they actually have a longer fire rating time.

Due to the advancements in technology, we can now compound such fabrics as nylon, viscose, polyester etc. which not only are in a majority of our furniture, fabrics, carpet and decor but they pose a threat if a fire were to ever catch in your home.

Research shows that 30 years ago, you had about about 17 minutes to escape a house fire, today it’s down to 3 or 4 minutes. It’s never something that crossed my mind, but now with a family of my own, it’s something to very seriously take in consideration.


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Trendy hip folding chairs

Army green and gunmetal gray no more… folding chairs have given themselves a makeover and taking the design world by storm, showing off their new colors, shapes and functions. We think of pulling out the cobwebbed folding chairs from the basement for Thanksgiving or Christmas but designers are now understanding that these functional items can really make a statement. We’re finding them in place of dining or kitchen chairs to bring a fresh hip appeal to a space. They’re seen in offices and board rooms instead of the cafeterias.

Why? Because we’ve broken into a rule bending, it makes more sense, fresh and alive, it’s affordable and with a little creativity I can make it look marvelous era of design. The days of McMansions, overly sized and priced furniture and a muted palette of tans and taupes are over. These brightly colored, cut out patterned and alternative thinking chairs are everywhere from Target to showrooms of high-end designers like Jonathan Adler.