Brick & Moss

With spring upon us, everyone is dusting off their gardening tools and making plans to renovate their outdoor spaces. With all the flower, mulch, shrubbery, lawn ornamnet options, sometimes it can be overwhelming and overboard.

Sometimes a big but subtle change can make all the difference you need to spruce up your yard. Laid brick or stone patios with just the slightest moss laid in the cracks has become the preferred choice for many home owners and not just for it’s romantically rustic look but because it has a lot advantages…

-Moss has no roots, so it grows well in shallow narrow places such as between laid patio bricks

-Because lack of roots, it will not upheave and crack your laid bricks/stone as tree or plants roots would to concrete

-Easy to plant and transplant. You can literally pick it off of a rock/tree and lay it between patio bricks and it will re-attach and grow on its own.

-Easily maintained,  you can run a weed wacker over it to trim and it will not die.

-Grows well in damp shady weather, so if in dry mild climate be sure to water ever so often to prevent from drying out.


For more tips on how to grow moss inlay check out this link…