Synthetic vs. Natural… your life could depend on it!

furni 1We all heard the good ‘ole phrase, “they just don’t make it like they used to”… well in the design world this holds very true. That muted old plaid wool itchy sofa in your great grandmothers living room or that walnut chiseled dining room table that’s been passed down through generations has greater benefits than just standing the test of time ,as we all thought, they actually have a longer fire rating time.

Due to the advancements in technology, we can now compound such fabrics as nylon, viscose, polyester etc. which not only are in a majority of our furniture, fabrics, carpet and decor but they pose a threat if a fire were to ever catch in your home.

Research shows that 30 years ago, you had about about 17 minutes to escape a house fire, today it’s down to 3 or 4 minutes. It’s never something that crossed my mind, but now with a family of my own, it’s something to very seriously take in consideration.


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I’m baaaaaaaaack! After taking a hiatus for a a few months for a little R&R during my first trimester, I’ve had so much time for my mommy-to-be mind to run creatively wild.  Nurseries have a magical, creative, and a fantasy connotation tied to them  and every kid deserves to have their own wonderland.  With so many options for bedding and decor, I’ve found there is very limited furniture options for your little ones abode.

Safety and regulations are always the most important aspect to any crib you choose but safety doesn’t take away from choosing that cool new hip modern or that darling victorian style crib. You may need to do your research and lots of digging to find that vision in your head, but here a few options I came across that definitely have that trend-setter appeal.

Top Non-Toxic Indoor Plants

If you are a plant lover like me, then you understand that bringing in a little nature indoors not only brightens and livens up your space it also has air purifying qualities. There are many benefits for adding a little green in your life, but if you have pets and kids you may want to make sure you are not incorporating toxic plants (if ingested) in their environments. Here are the top non-toxic plants that are safe and have great eye appeal. Find a complete list of both toxic and non-toxic kid/pet plants here…

1. Boston Fern
2. Bamboo
Cast Iron Plant
3. Cast Iron Plant
4. Money Tree
5. Ponytail Palm
prayer plant
6. prayer plant
7. Succulents
8. Yucca Plant
Spider Plant
9. Spider Plant