Friday Finds

Every Friday I take time to sit down with my iced coffee “decaf, thanks to baby #2 ūüėČ ” and¬†rummage through my favorite blogs, designer’s websites and online markets for whimsical & fanciful finds that are only discovered by digging in deep for jewels amongst the clutter.

Today’s Friday Find… ¬†this Luxurious Turkish Tea set for six. I adore the quaint size and jubilant colors.


Grand Bazaar Shopping- Turkish Tea Set




Synthetic vs. Natural… your life could depend on it!

furni 1We all heard the good ‘ole phrase, “they just don’t make it¬†like they used to”… well in the design world this holds very true. That muted old plaid wool itchy sofa in your great grandmothers living room or that walnut chiseled dining room table that’s been passed down through generations has greater benefits than just standing the test of time ,as we all thought, they actually¬†have a longer fire rating time.

Due to the advancements in technology, we can now compound such fabrics as nylon, viscose, polyester etc. which not only are in a majority of our furniture, fabrics, carpet and decor but they pose a threat if a fire were to ever catch in your home.

Research shows that 30 years ago, you had about about 17 minutes to escape a house fire, today it’s down to 3 or 4 minutes.¬†It’s never something that crossed my mind, but now with a family of my own, it’s something to very seriously take in consideration.


Check out this article posted on



Easy DIY Holiday Decor

With the holidays upon us, we love nothing more than to create an inviting and cozy place to call home. Holiday decor gives your home a sense of family, celebration and good spirit. As the holidays call for delicious spreads, travel, gifts and more… holidays are not only a time of the year we look forward to but it can also thin out your wallet.

There are millions of DIY projects out there, but from someone who takes on the challenge quite a bit, it can be just as expensive as buying new merchandise and even more exhausting. I’ve listed a few DIY holiday decor ideas that really only use 3-4 items and all can be bought at your local Micheal’s, Jo-Ann fabrics or even existing items you may already have lying around your home.

Using brass tacks and any candle in any color, create your own pattern!



You can buy these apothecary bottles on Etsy or find at any vintage store very cheap.

The wheat can be purchased from any Michaels, Jo-Ann fabrics or any craft store for that matter.



The pinecones and juniper can be found probably in your own backyard. Can’t find Juniper?

use evergreen from your Christmas tree. It’s a great way to bring in the fresh smell of winter


I’m baaaaaaaaack! After taking a hiatus for a a few months for a little R&R during my first trimester, I’ve had so much time for my mommy-to-be mind to run creatively wild. ¬†Nurseries have¬†a magical, creative, and a fantasy connotation tied to them ¬†and every kid deserves to have their own wonderland. ¬†With so many options for bedding and decor, I’ve found there is very limited furniture options for your little ones abode.

Safety and regulations are always the most important aspect to any crib you choose but safety doesn’t take away from choosing that cool new hip modern or that darling victorian style crib. You may need to do your research and lots of digging to find that vision in your head, but here a few options I came across that definitely have that trend-setter appeal.

Welcome Guest Baskets


There’s nothing more exciting than having guests drive or fly in for a long overdue visit. Those precious moments of long hugs, how are you doings, and much needed catching up stories are ones you look forward to as you watch the clock for their ETA. As I’ve recently moved cross country from family and friends I completely understand how special that time is with loved ones and while visiting my sister in Ohio, she made such a thoughtful gesture it made me tear up. As I walked into my guest bathroom, I found a bottle of lavender bubble bath along with an aroma lavender candle. One of my previous telephone conversations I told her how much I was looking forward to a long week of relaxation and a nice bubble bath.¬†I’m not suggesting you try to make your guests cry… but putting a little thought into their stay and letting them know how much you appreciate them coming to visit, can make the stay all the more enjoyable.

If you know your guests pretty well, try to cater a welcome guest basket to their liking. If they enjoy a specific scent, magazine, lotion, drink or like my Mom if you know a wash cloth is a MUST for showering, it will tickle their heart with gratitude… if you don’t know your guests as well, there are staples in a guest basket that not only will be appreciated but very much needed as things go forgotten when packing. Travel shampoo/conditioner, shower gels, loofah, toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, q-tips, facial cleanser/lotion, hairspray, razor, bottled water, aspirin and most importantly lots of towels!

Happy Visiting ūüôā