Friday Finds

Every Friday I take time to sit down with my iced coffee “decaf, thanks to baby #2 ūüėČ ” and¬†rummage through my favorite blogs, designer’s websites and online markets for whimsical & fanciful finds that are only discovered by digging in deep for jewels amongst the clutter.

Today’s Friday Find… ¬†this Luxurious Turkish Tea set for six. I adore the quaint size and jubilant colors.


Grand Bazaar Shopping- Turkish Tea Set




Indego Africa: Fair trade for social change

Indego Africa

While we have the security of our freedom and most have a structure of life that enables the necessities for a promising lifestyle, it is a much different story for most around the world. In many developing countries genocide, war, lack of education and much more have left a struggling population. Within this population, women have been a target for sex trafficking, rape and are stripped of any human rights which can lead to a most devastating future.

When do we make it our social responsibility to help and lend a helping hand? My favorite quote by Audrey Hepburn (who was also a UNICEF ambassador) “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

In this blog I wanted to bring attention to Indego Africa which is an award-winning, design-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise that lifts women-owned businesses in Rwanda toward sustainable economic independence through access to markets and education.

Indego Africa provides opportunities for women in difficult circumstances to not only meet their families‚Äô basic needs, but also acquire skills that enhance long-term earning potential. Indego Africa’s mission is to help each artisan cooperative achieve the following:

WOMEN GENERATING SUSTAINABLE INCOME. Women consistently earn more than $2 per day through their own initiative and oversee households that are entirely free of hunger, inadequate housing, and school absenteeism.

WOMEN LEVERAGING VALUABLE LONG-TERM SKILLS. Women deploy new high-value skills to earn supplemental income in their own community ‚Äď whether at a cooperative, another employer, or their own business.

WOMEN RUNNING PROFITABLE EXPORT BUSINESSES. Women manage cooperatives that are fiscally responsible, effective in product design and delivery, and dynamic contributors to the community ‚Äď all while engaging the global export market on their own terms.

WOMEN FEELING HOPEFUL AND CONFIDENT. Women translate their experiences of financial success and increased productivity into a lasting sense of self-worth and pride, knowing that anything can be accomplished by working together with others and relying on their own strength.

AboutusGraphicThese women are not Indego Africa’s artisans and they are not Indego Africa’s employees. They are Indego Africa’s business partners, and with access to export markets and education, they are lifting themselves and their communities out of poverty.

You are able to shop on their website, donate if you are interested or invest in these artisans. Their stories are remarkable and will instill a different meaning of strength in your heart.