I always found the question “what’s your design style or aesthetic?” very confusing and cliche, because it paints you into a very small corner in a world full of endless, traveled, inspiring options and constant design progression. I always believed someone can hold a love for very different styles, whether it be music, fashion, design etc., I think that’s what makes you interesting, finding something that speaks to you and not always an identity of yourself written in stone.

I studied Interior Design in Chicago and have had the pleasure of working in and with many showrooms large and small, a variety of designers, large/small and residential/contract projects and have come to love the severe difference in the design sense in southern California. Besides following the sunshine, palm trees and the sound of waves out west, I have a love for vintage treasures, refurbishing old furniture it an absolute gem, rummaging at markets, auctions and garage/estate sales and have noted a common divine love for these things with Angelino designers.

My mission with Social Atelier is to share topics or design elements that I have found to be trending, useful  or  inspiring with everyday people who love to update their home, take on a DIY projects or just like to keep in tow with the design industry. There are so many resources I have learned along the way of my journey in this industry and want to share them with all of you to let you know these are at your disposal and you can create what designers achieve by using them. With pinterest and a melting pot of design blogs I decided I wanted to keep all my posts on what is currently the topic on the lips of designers today. I want Social Atelier to be a place where you can feel as though you are part of the design trade.


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