Sometimes the best advice, is someone else’s advice. I’m devoting this post to one of my favorite interior designers ,Summer Thornton, and her simple approach to key elements to creating a most opulently eclectic , functional, inspired and desired space…

  • Do at least one thing your mother wouldn’t
  • Reference the past, don’t repeat it
  • Use patterns and colors recklessly!
  • Insist on natural fabrics
  • Colors don’t clash
  • Never say never
  • More is more
  • Always say no to faux  (I agree unless it’s fur!)
  • Every home should have at least 1 thing from a flea market
  • Traditional designs need-not be boring
  • God’s neutral is green
  • Fresh flowers are a room’s best accessory
  • No great room was ever designed without taking a risk
  • If your neighbors are doing it, you probably shouldn’t


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