Top Interior Design Trends

We’re seeing a resurrection of the glamorous & fabulous roaring 1920’s art deco era emphasizing the social, artistic and cultural dynamism.

The Las Vegas Furniture Market Festival and LCDQ panels have forecasted these rousing trends that have already been popping up in design magazine spreads and nationwide designers’ portfolios.



Moody Walls dramatic, deep and bold colored walls allow for your textiles and accents to really pop. Designers are less concerned about space and more focused on the mood of a room. It’s such a dramatic turn from the clean, crisp & airiness we’ve seen in the past decade.




Luxe Details. Tufting, tassels, intricate carving, rhinestones/diamonds and nailheads are just a few design details that give a plain piece of furniture serious GlamBam!  Look for these luxe accents on sofas, chairs, headboards, and tables.




Patterned Wallpaper. Plain and simple… bold busy prints are in. Naked solid walls are a thing of the past. These colorful and expressive prints exude luxury, playfullness and confidence.


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