Estate Sales

Redecorating ? Instead of going in and out of retail stores or sitting behind a computer screen searching endless webpages for accessories, lighting or art… try looking at your local estateestate-sale-sign-3-300x200
sales. I’ve found that spending time outside and weaving in between the upscale and fabulous neighborhoods of your city is a much better way to spend your day shopping. You honestly come across items that you were never intentionally looking for in the first place that just grab you somehow and knowing it has a story in itself  is pretty cool.

estate saleI’ve used the website an endless number of times and is my go to place to locate estate sales near me. I grab my shoulder bag, cash (most don’t take cc) and my drink to go and set off to find treasures that I could never find at a Target.

Previously owned goods may not be your thing, but just the experience in itself is worth a day of discovering.

Happy treasure hunting!



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