Mecox Gardens our highlighted store this month

Mecox GardenAt Mecox Gardens, they are dedicated to achieving an overall balance between the indoor and outdoor living environment. You can always expect a fine selection of home and garden furnishings, united by an unwavering insistence to quality, texture and form. Whether it’s spectacular one of a kind antiques, unusual re-editions or our own classic Mecox designs, assuredly it’s of the very best the world has to offer.

I wanted to highlight this store because it brings a nice eclectic mix of furnishings, art, accessories etc. to one place and allows anyone to achieve that traveled and collected design inspiration that is so hot right now in the design world. They also make room ideas and inspirations available as well as custom pieces if you have something more specific in mind. They also have locations nationally so no matter where you are hopefully you can find time to pop in and get lost for a little while!

mecox gardens palm beach


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