Auction Houses… going once, twice, SOLD!

SkinnerOne of my favorite resources for finding amazing furniture, accessories, art and more are auction houses. You can get great pieces including antiques, mid-century pieces, lighting, trinkets etc. that you would never find in a retail store or online websites. These are all from estate sales, antique dealers or shut down institutions that offer such special items that people gravitate to these auctions to get their hands on a one in a million item to incorporate into their space.

Auctions can be intimidating, which is why I wanted to introduce them if you are not already familiar. Each auction is setup a little differently but you will need to register for any of them. I always call the contact person and let them know this is my first time with this auction and just want to make sure I know all the terms and conditions before I start. They are always happy to help and get thousands of first timers, so don’t be shy.

Almost all auctions houses you can bid in person live, online or absentee, so you don’t actually have to be there with your paddle.  They’re usually pretty straight forward so once you’re registered and up and Kamelot auctionrunning, it’s pretty exciting to sit back and watch the bidding!


Here are two of my favorite auction houses, again be sure you know all terms and conditions before you begin… happy bidding!

Skinner Auctions is located in Boston and Marlborough, Massachusetts

Kamelot Auctions is located in Philadelphia and you do need to arrange any transportation if buying big items to be picked up from the auction house.


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