Moroccan Flair

morocco 2

Morocco is a country known for its zestful communities and culture. From the deserts in the east to the colorful shoreline views in Casablanca, this area has been recognized for its love of color and lively culture. It is nearly impossible not to be tantalized by all the richness of pallets and dancing shapes in this influential lifestyle.

In past years chevron was our best friend… it was our go to design staple from rugs, pillows, window treatments and even clothes and jewelry,  it was an absolute design movement. Well move over chevron, there’s  a new sway in town… the MOROCCAN FLAIR! I have always been a huge cheerleader for Moroccan influence and cannot be happier it has made its way into a lot of people’s hearts. It has this intoxicating and exotic appeal to it that instantly transports you to another world. Maybe that’s why I adore it so much, it is unlike anything here in the United States. It is a place filled with change of scenery, authenticity, sun, hospitality, well-being and culture. There, enjoying the moment and your surroundings is key to the everyday life. The vividness and beauty keeps your mind stimulated and wanting more.



Although we may not have Moroccan architecture or their everyday practices, we certainly can bring the Moroccan flair movement indoors. Gathering spaces for afternoon tea with cookies, pastries and fresh fruit are common in the Moroccan culture, so we find a lot of sitting rooms or family rooms in their quarters.  People aspiring to achieve this look here in the U.S. are transforming their interiors into radiant and inviting places to gather and hang out. This transformation can be as easy as incorporating decorative pillows on your sofa to liven up the space and introduce all those fabulous patterns.

Another accessory that can transform your home into that vibrant tropical oasis are these amazing poufs. I will admit I am obsessed with these as they come in all kinds of different colors and make your space feel completely authentic. Use these poufs as an ottoman with your fabulous lounge chair, use two together with trays filled with unique accessories on top for a coffee table or slightly tuck them under your table for extra seating when you have guests.


If you are looking for a more subtle and muted Moroccan theme for your home, bringing in a neutral colored Moroccan patterned rug can easily bring you that flair but with a palette that may match your existing furniture and decor better. Although most Moroccan textiles are very vibrant, you can achieve any color palette you desire as there are so many options.


If you are an adventuress and want to feel as though you have been transported to another world each time you step into your home, a bolder move may be to add a gorgeous Moroccan tile to either your kitchen or bathroom floors or maybe as a backsplash in your washroom or kitchen. With Moroccan flair being so hot right now, you can basically find it from home depot to your design showrooms. I have a crush on this tile from Ann Sacks. I picture it across my kitchen floor with these amazing hanging pendants with glittering light as the warm breezes blow past the palm fringes into my opened back patio french doors.


Whether you are looking to redefine your entire home, just your bedroom or only introduce a few accessories, I highly recommend dipping your toes into Morocco. It is an experience like no other, very affordable and found at almost every retail and trade store available.



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