“Wallpaper” gets a new reputation

By HannaWhen I was young, I remember helping my Mom pick out wallpaper for the many rooms she redecorated in our home. As I would flip through the numerous books we checked out from the paint stores, I can remember that sparse thin plastic texture, the smell of glue and chemicals and the typical repetitive patterns and colors you’ve seen a thousand times.

Whenever I mention incorporating a wallcovering (as it’s referred to in the interior design industry) to friends, family or acquaintances ,that ask for Jill Malekmy interior design guidance, they make that same face as the person before them suggesting…”how tacky”! As many recall to the reputation and image of the “paint store books” described above, I realized that the majority of people were unaware of just how luxe this ,once 80’s decorating staple, has redefined itself.

Todays wallcoverings ,superseding our past notions, are a rousing, vibrant, innovative and globally inspired collection. The colors mingled will inspire, the materials will fascinate, the textures will captivate and the the new ideas and attitudes of what you can create with this accessory will be unstoppable!

A wallcovering is a must in many top interior designer’s projects and can be seen in most portfolios. It gives any space dimension, creates visual interest and can tie the whole project together. An exquisitely adorned surface instantly captures the eye and the imagination. You can find hand painted options by fine artisans, you can make your kids artwork into a printed wallcovering, find gold leaf designs embedded into natural woven grass or with the thousands of themes and content nowadays, put a punch of your personality into it and find what identifies you.

InnovationsMany retailers and hospitality institutions are using custom prints by using HD digital walls to bring their space alive with an environment specifically designed to their wants and needs. You can use any image you want and they make it happen! There are so many options out there today that it only takes your imagination to make it come true.

There are many sources available for you to get your “inner designer” hands on these wonderful wallcoverings… they sometimes inspire your whole design concept. Take a look and see what visions come to you. They may just end up in your next room makeover!  Miss Print

http://www.flavorpaper.com/     http://www.byhanna.com/wallpaperposters.html     http://jillmalek.com/  http://loboloup.com/          http://missprint.co.uk/wallpaperranges.php        http://www.innovationsusa.com/wallcoverings.php



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